Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beautiful Lies of Hope

Got caught up in the moment, unaware of the circumstances reality has laid on upon us.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


He looked so handsome. His face was filled with pride as he walked in. His eyes glistened with confidence with a hint of seriousness in them as well. He looked as though he was discussing business in serious matters with the guy next to him. He sat on their table opposing ours, he was across from me. I stared with amusement at the way his eyebrows were pointing downwards; a sign of seriousness. I remembered the old days, he was rarely serious. My heart fluttered at those memories demanding to relive them.
As I got lost in my own bubble, I felt someone's eyes burning holes right through me. I looked up to catch those glares. His eyes met mine. All I could read from his eyes were emotions changing every moment. At first he looked lost as he deeply gazed in my eyes. A black pool, I reminded myself of his eye color. Then, I read pain in his eyes. Relapsing into lost again, he smiled. His eyes changed into loving, gentle, and soft. Lastly, his eyes looked concerned slowly fading into passionate again. I predicted that he was remembering the old days. Now, all I could see from his small smile is nostalgia. His eyes joined that feeling as well.
We interlocked looks for about twenty-five seconds. I slowly moved my gaze back to my full plate. I didn't feel hungry anymore, I thought. I played with the fork as I waited for the check to arrive. My phone vibrated on my lap, I picked it up quickly hoping that my mom was calling from London. It turned out to be a text. "I miss you..", it read. I kept reading it for about seven times until my frown turned into a painful smile. I undoubtedly pressed delete.
I placed my phone on the table next to the glass carrying water. He looked at me as though knowing that I deleted the message. His eyes were questioning mine demanding answers. I just looked down at my plate again. After what seemed like eternity, the check was delivered. I quickly fidgeted with my wallet until a I found the accurate Dinars needed. I quickly placed them in the check-holder on top of the check and carried my bag. Standing up, he looked at me with pleading eyes aiming for forgiveness. I returned his gesture by flipping my hair back, coldly staring at him, then wearing my sunglasses. I raced out of the restaurant and sat in my car. It took me a minute or two to realize what happened, and another minute to relax. Drowning in the streets back home; "such a waste," was all that kept running through my mind.

Monday, November 1, 2010

oceans bleed into the sky

I sighed as I dug my feet under the cold sand. I contemplated whether to wear my jacket, or just leave myself with goose bumps coating my body. Feeling the cold breeze swoosh right through me, I decided to ditch the jacket. The dark sea in front of me soothed my tensed up muscles. I slowly closed the distance of my back and the sand underneath me. One, two, three, four, five, my mind shouted as it counted the stars above me. I started to get dizzy,so I closed my eyes and tried to not move a muscle. Blocking out all the events that happened today morning, I heard the swift move of the waves crashing down on the shore as though attacking it. Next thing I know, I jumped up with fear and a painful scream followed my intense move, birds fled away accusing me of disturbing their peace. The bright sun blinded my eyes, so I lifted up, what is now, my fragile hand to cover my eyes that burned me. After a few minutes I looked up at the sun, 9:30 a.m. I guessed. I better get back to face the consequences of my decision, I thought as I lazily got up and dusted out the sand off of me. Walking away, I finally disappeared into the horizon.

Friday, October 30, 2009


okaay 7ada 3ejaabny this so yeaah ..

Q1)Where are you born & raised?
good ol' kuwait:*

Q2)Tell us about your family.
umm .. i guess we aren't that close, bs ya3ny i'm close ma3a my cousins. does it count? ;o

Q3) What am i up to?
just derastyy right now ;p aaaaand staying out of drama;/

Q4) What do you want to do in the future?
ethaa allah kaateb, an engineer/fashion designer/writer

Q5) what did you dream about yesterday?
3ad 9jj 9ayra wayed a7lemm hal ayam ;o! .. bs mat'thakar el dream :D

Q6) Your most likely; CuteOrSexy?
hmm .. i guess sexy? i mean i don't have the "cute" vibe .. fa yeah

Q7) Tell us about your teeth.
two words; a7san mn gabel;p mashallah tuf tuf

Q8) Your favorite Chocolate?
umm.. ma7eb chocolate, at all. nada.

Q9) How Tall are you?
166/7 :p mashallah

Q10) Make a confession.
i'm scared of crossing the street, i actually shiver non-stop if i cross the street. literally.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

11) NeverSayNever♥

I entered the car and got into the back seat ou gelt 7ag Rajo yrednyy ellbait then yan6er bara

dgeega knt lazem araje3 shaghla in elfanar.

So I ran upstairs and took the bag with my Polo dress in it, because it needed some serious fixing.

Linda: "heyy shouga where you go to?"

Shouug: "i'm gonna return something from elfanar, do want to come?"

because i fiercly knew that she has nothing better to do.

Linda: "yes yes, okaay you wait in the car while me go change clothes okay love?"

Shoug: "ahaha okaaay:p"


And so I went to elFanar and returned the polo dress i bought before yesterday and got a

smaller size.

And sat outside in Colombia Cafe with Linda there in a table outside while enjoying the summer


We randomly chit-chatted, and then we returned back home.


I went into the bathroom, washed away all the make-up, brushed my teeth, and i untangled my

hair and left it down while goin into the shower and taking a hot bath.

Then I took Vaseline's-extra-moisturizer and carefully coated my hands and legs with it.

I left my hair wet so it can dry on it's on but I put an anti-frizz on it so I don't look like someone

that just have been re-awakened by a demon.

I slipped on my silky pistashio-colored pajama/dress.

And sunk within my king size bed while flavoring in my maroon colored room, with gold and

white patterened with it.

Then I took my pink viao laptop and restarted it so it can be freeze-free.

I signed on msn and didn't find him online.

I sighed hopelessly, then I opened the T.V in my room, while browsing through the channels and

then I chose to stick with A Walk To Remember.

As I was mendaamja into the part where the girl tells the guy that she will no longer tutor him, I

heard the msn "TING" sound which zoned me back to reality.

I searched for 7amaany to see if he signed in, with luck.. he was.

So I said hi, we talked, we joked, we sent songs link's to each other.


And that was the way my life went on for 8 months.


I know it's short, bs there isn't much to write 7ag hal part.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Okaay the thing is ena 7amaany know's shoug in real life 3ala bou she's lulu's friend .. Bs he doesn't know that she's the girl that he talks to her eb msn as "shadan" .. Clear? Etha you have any questions plz ask, ou the next post will be up pretty soon hopefully;D .. One more thing, plzzz comment 61 followers 3al faathy;s?

Monday, October 12, 2009

10) NeverSayNever♥



Lulu's house:
I was busy painting my toe nails in bold maroon nailpolish.
While sitting on the other side of thecouch was Lulu that was so mendaamja in Grey's Anatomy that I had to turn off the TV to gether to change her clothes so we can go to Slider's.
Ouch, was that my stomach grumbling? It was.
I disractedly unlocked my BlackBerry and ga3d at3abaath fe while sitting alone bel 9aala.
Did I just feel that the main door just opened and someone stepped in,
or was i imagining?
I slowly lifted my head up to see ...


Fahooodi, Lulu's younger brother.

He stared at me for a while, and when I lifted my gaze up, slowly.. He rushed furiously into my arms.

And I gave him a biiiiiiiiig bear hug.

Shooug: "Hiii;D"

Fahoudy: "hello"

Shoug: "shlouuunek fahoodi?"

Fahoudii: "i'm fine thank you shougii"

Shoug: "who brought you back here?"

Fahouudi: "Firas and 7amanyy"

Shouug: "ahaaaa.."

Fahoud: "we went to the jam3iya!!:D .. they let me buy junk food hehe;D but they said i can't show it to mama, then she will be mad at me"

and he gives me that cuute puppy faaace;***!

Shoug: "sure I won't tell your mother"

And he flashed me an innocent smile

Shoug: "you had fun?"

Fahouudi: "yes:D"

Then he started blabbering about a tv show called "Ben the Builder" or something like that. And I was daydreaming about anything you can ever imagine.

Lastly, Luluuu nzelaat mn el stairs .. looking gorgeous in a rosy slim dress that contrasted her white skin and black hair. With grey eyeliner that bordered her eyes perfectly. And a large grey BCBG wallet with Tory Burch grey jelly flats.

While having her short hair fall down loosely and sweeping her neck, with bangs that everyone would die for. And her Nokia, n73 in her other hand.

She looked amazing!


We arrived to Slider's and had a great time. I ordered two midnights, one lollipop to share, and a Dr.Pepper to drink.

On the other hand, Lulu got one Firehouse and french fries on the side, while having a Sprite to enduldge the taste.

After we paid the chique, we passed by to take a look in Pink Moon. I bought two training suits from her, and one "love" bracelet. One of the training suit was lime green and was for winter. The other was orange/peach and was for summer. They were both really cute.

As we got into Lulu's driver's black, tinted Escalade and sinked within the streets of Kuwait. We finally arrived back to Lulu's house where I'll take my "GREEK" dvd's that she borrowed like .. a year ago. And then I'll head back home.


Shoug: "Okaay mashkoura lwaiilo, yallah see you soon."

I said as I grabbed my dvd's and rushed down the stairs running and humming to the song that's playing on my mind all day long. And this is how it went;

Shouuug: "Youu spin my head right round, right round. Like a record baby right round right round!!"

Screaming my lungs off, while being WAAAAAAY off-tune.

I lifted my gaze up, to become totally shocked, embarassed, and happy all at the same time.

I felt like my face was going back and forth with those three moods for about 30 seconds.

Shoug: "umm .. hi?"

I stared at him. He was wearing a normal red polo shirt, with grey training pants and a backwards A&F cap on his black hair that I love and adore.

7amany: "haala wallah shoug .. shlounech?"

Shoug: "zaiina, entaa shlounek?"

7amany: "wallah ana tamam damech tamam"

I shot him a smile, and he replyed by his million dollar smile that no one can resist but smile back again.

Shouug: "anywaays .. ana saygy baara ou bared elbaiit, see you;)"

7amany: "laa 9ejj? yan3y ehwa baara al7een?"

and he honestly DID look dissapointed.

Shoug: "ee ehwa baara al7een .. aaaaaaaaand he's calling me, AGAIN (: !"

7amaany: "haha umm 3ayal take care"

Shoug: "you too ;D"

As i walked past him and as I stretched my hand to open the door ..

7amany: "shouug .. "

Shouug: "hala ?"

7amaany: "hamana ana a7eb right round the 80's version"

he winked and left upstairs ..

I swear he's gonna be the death of me.

And I can't wait till I sign in on msn to get to talk to him!

Waiiit, what?

Am I that into him? .. laaa'a akeed I'm not THAT obssessed.

I mean seriously get a grip of yourself shoug .. will you!


'till next time;*!